Marquee for Family Dinner

Marquee for Family Christmas DinnerThis customer wanted to have dinner with all her family so she hired one of our 5m x 5m marquees to have on the decking at the back of her house. Inside the marquee, she had carpet on the floor to keep it warmer on people’s feet, she had six 6ft tables and 20 chairs for everyone to sit and eat comfortably and a few heaters and lights to light the marquee up and keep it warm.

Kit Supplied:

  • 1 – 5m x 5m Marquee
  • 4 – 5m Side Panels
  • 1 – Hard Surface Anchorage Kit
  • 2 – Lights
  • 6 – 6ft Tables
  • 20 – Chairs
  • 1 – MM Mat Flooring
  • 1 – Hard Wood Flooring

If you would like more information on the range of our Mini-Marquees, and how to go about hiring one for your own event, please fill in the online contact form or call us on 01332 44 00 72